Our Business:

• Water treatment Chemicals For Boiler, Cooling Tower, Chiller & Other Water Circuits.
• Water Treatment Equipments, Filters And Other Treatment.
• Special Separation Processes In water.

Our Operations:

• Imports
• Manufacturing
• Marketing
• Distribution Of Product Services
• Customer Care.

Water Treatment Equipments:

• Sand Filters.
• Reverse Osmosis.
• Water Softeners.
• Water De-Ionizers.
• Multi Media Filters.
• Mineral Water Plant.
• Flavored Water Plants.
• Activated Carbon Filters.
• Household Water Treatment Systems.


Few Valuable Customers

Cadbury Pakistan Ltd.                           

(Food Products Manufacturer)
Shangrila (Pvt.) Ltd.   (Food Products Manufacturer)
Sukkur Beverages.   (Pepsi Cola, Sprite Manufacturer)
Deewan Mushtaq Textile Mills. (Spinning Mill)
The Dyers.    (Dying & Bleaching Mill)
Dawlance Refrigerator.   (Refrigerator, Air Conditioner Manufacturer)
Pakistan Television Corporation. (Media Industry)
N.J. Auto Industries. (Motorcycle & Rickshaw Manufacturer)
Universal Cable.    (Electric Cable Manufacturer)
Macpac Films Ltd.   (Plastic & Polythin Film Manufacturer)
Premier Extraction Oil Mill.    (Oil Extractor)
BawanyAir.     (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide And Other Gases Manufacturer)
MirpurKhas Sugar Mills.   (Sugar, Alcohol & Other Byproduct Manufacturer)
T. M. Khan Sugar Mills.     (Sugar, Alcohol & Other Byproduct Manufacturer)
Seri Sugar Mills.     (Sugar, Alcohol & Other Byproduct Manufacturer)
CNG Stations. (Retail Outlets For CNG Fuel)
Al Zeb Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.   (Dyeing, Bleaching & Processing Of Hosiery Fabrics)
Southend Club (Social Club)
Adamjee Engineeing. (Engineering)
Gulzar Oil industries. (Oil Mill) 
Qalandri  Oil Groups   (Oil Mill) 

(Note: A detailed list may be provide on request)

Reasons To Buy Miracle Solution’s Products.

• We Focus Customer Satisfaction.
• We structured for customer care.
• We have round the clock advisory service.
• We have all solutions to water born Problems.
• We provide technical knowledge to our customer.
• We have fifteen years experience in water treatment.
• We are not only the traders, but solution provider to your problems.
• We have a highly qualified team for water treatment and environmental technologies.